Saturday, October 17, 2009

A cool Saturday market

This morning is like a late November day. Very cool, overcast , windy. The leaves are falling all around. I'd like for them to stay on for a little longer, they are just beginning to turn color nicely.
We were at the market before 9:00 AM and evidently others thought it was a good day to sleep in as the market crowd was sparse. We had NO wait for an omelet which had beets, kale, potatoes, goat cheese, Kenny's cheese, watermelon radishes and eggs, of course, thought the guy in last week's video stealing cheese, got his sans eggs, just sauteed veggies and cheese on the side! I topped mine off with tomato jam. Yum.
First stop was the spinach, it isn't the red, but from the same guy and is going to be sauteed as a side dish to the chicken you see here. Our chicken guy is taking orders for goose for the holidays. Anyone ever had a goose out there? I haven't but it sounds so "holiday-ish" does't it (unless you are vegetarian like my Amy)?
The potatoes looked good today. Jim roasted some last night with olive oil, onion and rosemary. My very favorite way to have potatoes. When they are cooking, the aroma makes me happy! A surprise were the nice green beans, we might get one more green bean potato salad in before winter. These two nice tomatoes may be in our last bruschetta of the year. I still have a little basil in the yard. There were lots of green tomatoes, and I LOVE fried green tomatoes, but I nor Jim have ever made them.
Stew is sounding good, so buffalo stew meat and ground buffalo for some spaghetti this week, too.
I stuck with my same purple flowers this week and added two stems of dark snapdragon and got one little stem of tuberose, just for the scent for my bedroom. I had a sweet tooth when I went, it was all I could do not to buy a pie (which would have been eaten all by me!) but I did get the apple cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing and a jar of apple butter. I'm crazy about apple butter. It will be good on my whole grain waffles and peanut butter I usually have for breakfast during the week.
Not in the photo, but will be later are four (I think I need two more) ornamental cabbage for the window boxes on the first floor. I'm taking out the impatiens today. They are very tired looking and the peachy-pink isn't too fall-like. I'll put them in later today.
The rest of the day is house cleaning and paper work, my reward is a late afternoon of reading outside with a fire in the chiminea.
Happy Fall!


Lindalou said...

My basil is all done as we've had a lot of coldish fall weather up here in Michigan. (Although I'm in Oregon today.) So you are lucky to still have some.

I've never cooked a goose. Rather intimidating sounding, but yes it does say "Olde Tyme Christmas".

Yogi said...

Good stuff. never had buffalo stew. I think I had a burger once with some buffalo, but not even sure about that. Love those grassy type reddish stems. The only thing I've had with goose is pate de fois gras. definitely "Olde Tyme" xmas. Well we had a winter spell with wuite a bit of snow, but it's been nice for the past few days, hopefully will last a while.

donna said...

Just reading this post makes me gain weight. When I was a kid, my dad would go goose hunting and we, of course, ate them. Can't remember what I thought about the taste. The ornamental cabbages will look great in your flower boxes.