Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday's Farmers' Market- It's a MOVIE!

My sister, Richey, gave me this cool FLIP video camera and I made a LONG video of the whole trip to the market for her, but thought you might like the short movie of our purchases. It is a crisp, cool, windy day here in Louisville. My kinda weather.


donna said...

I very much enjoyed the video and look forward to seeing the gourds painted by Ezra. Think I'll have Phillip do that this weekend.

Sue said...

OH, I have a Flip and love it! I haven't used it so much lately and need to get back into it. Antique Mommy mentioned on her blog one day that she had gotten one and then I just knew I had to have one. The kids got me one for Christmas that year. Loved your virtual tour, and just hearing your sweet voice!