Friday, October 30, 2009

Window boxes and pumpkin

I'm just crazy about the pumpkin I found this year. Isn't it a spooky looking one? I happened upon it at Meier's in Indiana when I went to get a sandwich in between classes I was teaching. Here are the current window boxes. I have no luck keeping cabbage looking good. I don't know if I water too much or not enough, but I have always had trouble with the bottom leaves yellowing and dropping. Maybe that is just what they do.
As an added treat, this is E at the Tailgating Treats at church. I kept trying to get photos of him next to festively decorated vehicles which he didn't want to do. As we walked to the inflated jumpy things (what is the name for those?) I told him I wanted to get a picture when we got over to them. As we walked on the sidewalk, he said just take my picture here by the"old people" sign. What a hoot! Richey thought this was a nod to her. I assured her it was his request.


donna said...

Lots to luv about this post. What a great pumpkin. Don't know what to say about keeping the cabbages looking nice, but I think your flower boxes are a perfect blend of pretty. I luv what comes out of the mouths of our grandsons.....old people sign:) I've followed Phillip with a camera since the day he was born and he's getting sick of it. Tailgating Treats is a super idea.

Yogi said...

interesting pumpkin. Nice haul from last week too.

Lindalou said...

That is a very cool pumpkin. Love the colors.