Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Farmers Market 10/31

It's a windy, gloomy day here. Rather Halloween-ish I suppose. We left for the market around 9 and found ourselves to be among only a few out this morning. I have been disappointed not to have more red spinach available at the market. I love it so much for salads, and today was no different. Not one leaf! I got precious little today. Didn't need a lot either.
My sweet tooth couldn't pass up Theresa's cinnamon rolls, though I have GOT to get off the sweets train. I have been eating WAY too much lately. Charles had about a 1/4 bushel of green beans so I got enough for us this week. I can't pass up apples in the fall. I got two Arkansas Black (the name I can never remember of the hard, long keeping ones), a Stayman Winesap, two Granny Smith for Jim and a Golden Delicious. Finished up with a package of 4 to 1 buffalo patties and whole cut-up chicken.
We stopped off at Sweet and Savory for breakfast on the way home. We had our usual- two scrambled eggs, bacon and a biscuit. I noticed that the beer brewery right next door started offering breakfast. Interesting.


donna said...

I'm going to miss these farmer's market posts when they come to an end. Tell me how you got started on buffalo meat? Having breakfast at the beer brewery might make for an interesting post.

ArtCricket2 said...

Hi Donna!
We started buying at the farmer's market because we knew it was lower in fat. Like switching to Diet Coke from Coke, you eventually prefer it! It is very lean and the burgers a little"dryer" than beef, but now when I have regular hamburger, it seems a little greasy to me. We use it almost exclusively for ground meat. We still use some beef for steak.
Yes, we will probably give the brewery a try. I don't drink beer (or anything much for that matter) so I've never been there!
I'm missing the FM for the next two weeks. Going to visit my sister this weekend and going out of town with girlfriends the next! I've only missed two week before when on vacation.
I'll miss it. I'll be back to it the weekend before Thanksgiving.

donna said...

Enjoy your time with your sister and girlfriends. How'd you get so lucky to get away for two weekends? I don't drink beer either. Never have, never will. Thanks for telling me about the buffalo meat. I thought the purpose of eating a hamburger was to have it greasy. ha-ha

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