Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Art Gifts

I love sharing art gifts that I receive. This year, Jim gave me this beautiful blown glass bud vase. I can't wait to put something in it. I may look for a poinsettia just for a bloom to cut and put in it.
Amy and I almost always exchange original art. I made her a scrabble tile necklace for her original art this year.
Amy gave me this beautiful tile from a pottery shop on Orcas Island. I love the colors. She, also, gave me two cool items out of the Art-O-Mat, which I have a fascination with. There used to be one in the KY Center for the ARts. But, I don't know if they still have one. They are little pieces of art that come out of old cigarette vending machines. Talk about a great way to re-use. They are have to be the size of a cigarette box and the right weight to "work". I've considered trying to come up with something to send in for consideration. That has been several years ago.
The first is a little computer "bug" charm, which evidently is quite popular. The shop where she bought it said they are always seeking more. Right now he is handing in a window for New Year's Eve, but, he'll live in my office probably, to ward off evil computer bugs. Remember my computer woes of 2009? I like the green re-used Camel box. I'd love it if every cigarette box had art in it instead of cigarettes!
The second box is filled with sticky-backed wax seals. Nice variety along with a little history of wax seals. I loved sealing wax in the 60's and 70's and had quite a few colors and seals.
My last but best piece of original art (Amy won't mind) is this great golf ball art project from Ezra. I get original art from him every year, too. I haven't decided where to put it, but it may live above his Harry Potter Closet, the name for the little room under our stairs where glassware and his toys and books live. I had misplaced his "hand" Christmas tree from 2007 and found it two days ago. I bought fabric and a pillow form to make a pillow with it in early 2008, then the sewing machine didn't work, then I got a new one on Black Friday, then I couldn't locate the art and fabric, now I have everything all together. I think I'll have it ready for display next Christmas.
Always hopeful.


Sue said...

What wonderful additions to your collection of whimsy! I love every one of them!

donna said...

My vote for artist of the year goes to Ezra. I MUST know how the golf ball art is done. The colors are out of his world wonderful.