Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 9

Two more gifts! This cute, wee ornament, which I could also use as a pendant. Isn't it sweet?? Suzanne is the owner of Quietfire Design , where I get all kinds of art supplies including many of the rubber stamps I use and the owner and moderator of the byhandartists yahoogroup that is such an inspiration to me.
This beautiful necklace from Joanne. She knows how much I love her altered head which she uses images of in a lot of art and to show off her beautiful, handmade knits. She made my beautiful beaded amulet bag with my initial on it, too. I love that she wrapped it in a napkin that I will use for napkin art!
I'll cherish both of them.

Thanks to both women for sharing their art with me! 3 Days to go!

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