Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 13

Day thirteen is the gift we open on "our" gift day. So, on day 7 I opened this gift from Mary-Beth, our organizer for the swap.
This beautiful hanger is on my tree now but will stay out somewhere all year long. Lovely, eh? Wasn't this a fun swap leading up to Christmas? I'm grateful for all of my art friends and their generosity. I also received beautiful cards from two of my art buddies, too. I'll post them soon!


Lindalou said...

That is so beautiful. What a lovely gift.

donna said...

Beth, how did you manage all these blog posts leading up to Christmas? You must be a lot more organized than I am.

Luv it when you use the word "eh" at the end of a question. That's a word my French Canadian relatives use often.

I hope to get back into this blogging thing after the first of the year. I've missed my blogging friends.

If you haven't done so yet, please visit Lindalou's blog and read about her son's car accident. She's one of my sweetest blogger friends and has been going through a lot this last week or so.

Happy New Year, Beth.