Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 3

Isn't this a great way to start the day? I think we should open little art presents every day! Today's gift is a real treat, too, and I will use it most every day! I absolutely love this quilted sleeve for hot drinks. I've always hated throwing sleeves away and quite honestly don't remember to save them to reuse if I go out for a cup of coffee. But, this little one will go in my purse with me and fits my reusable mug, too. What a great gift and cool idea. Thanks, Wendy!!


Lindalou said...

How cute is that. A perfect little gift for the coffee drinker.

donna said...

Hey, I like this idea a lot. Of course, if I had one it would end up full of coffee stains.

Sue said...

I'm spoiled......waiting for Day 4!