Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun in a jar

My friend, Sue-UrbanLittleHouse, posts great web finds and this was one from a recent Wednesday Link Love. I love Wednesday, Sue's posts are the best. I said I was going to try and it and I did. It was a hit! I had sliced Italian bread in a basket just in case someone wanted to make a sandwich and plates for deconstruction if desired, too.  We discussed what other layered meals we could do in a jar:  lettuce, tomato and chicken salad, cantaloupe, chicken salad and grapes, lettuce, cantaloupe, and chicken salad, and my sister suggested potatoes, onions, carrots, roast beef for a jar beef stew.
Go catch up on a few Wednesdays with Sue and while you are at it, if you want to be happy and smile, check out this post, too.

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