Saturday, June 12, 2010

Farmers market 6/12

Maybe my favorite day so far for food, but so humid I could cry.  I hate the humidity-the temp is not so bad but I just melt in the wetness of it all. Thank you for air-conditioning in the Ohio River Valley. 
We slept late and wandered down to the market in full swing.  First stop-the delicious yellow squash from last week. Oh, so good. I want to try grilling some this week. (Okay, you know Jim is really doing the grilling...). The little cabbages were already snatched up so Jim went and grabbed one of these cute ones, but I don't know the variety- do you?  Then I also wanted broccoli and cauliflower to grill or roast (yes, Jim is the one doing it...) I'm almost out so picked up a pound of local honey. Blueberries-I could eat a pint a day. 
Whole chickens coming in two weeks, today, two packs of breasts.
You know it pays to be a friend of the cheese folks. Kenny has been out of cumin seed gouda for three weeks! It is all going to restaurants, but Anne, (Kenny's sister and my market person) told me last week I'd get one and she came through!  Another guy begged for some but she saved it for me. Yea!  I told her I wouldn't need any next week, so someone else can benefit from her snatching one for the market. 
The little basil is from MY container garden and is going in my first bruschetta of the season today or tomorrow. I added this yarrow to the goose-neck loosestrife from last week, which is holding up nicely.
We shared an omelet today-perfect-beets, potatoes, greens, onions, with hot sauce. Yummmmy!
On the way home, we stopped for coffee, make mine iced please, and spotted a Highlands pottery sale a couple of houses down. Couldn't pass that up though I didn't buy a thing last week. The house hosting it is also on the Cherokee Garden Tour. So- pottery and a garden all in one stop! I bought this great pot off of the 2nds table. Looks first rate to me.
We've decided to get a bigger grill- we have the Weber Smoky Joe- but I'd like vegetables cooked ahead to pull out of the fridge for lunch, so makes sense to do some BIG grilling on the weekends.
Off to check out grills online and do a little art.

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Yogi said...

everything looks scrumptious. Even matches your kitchen wall.