Saturday, June 05, 2010

Farmers Market 6/5/10

Farmers Market today offered some new items! Summer squash, carrots, beets (for my mom), cabbage and also the last of the radishes until fall. The squashed looked fabulous and I was happy to get some small cabbages, one for slaw and a bit larger one to halve and put on the grill. I love KY carrots, though my mom thinks they taste like "dirt". The taste is earthier but I like it a lot. Gotta love a great bunch of green onions and some salad greens. Had another omelet today-same as last week's though I think the habanero sauce was a little hotter this week. Wow!

There was an art sale of handmade pottery in the parking lot of the church across the street. Did a lot of looking and I was tempted but refrained from any purchases. And a yard sale at the church next to the FM. Couldn't pass that up. I got some kid clothes- a whole bag full for 4.00! Can't have too many pairs of pjs, shorts and shirts.


Lindalou said...

Such beautiful veggies. Your Farmer's Market is just amazing. I wonder what you will be making this week.

Yogi said...

gorgeous images. Those woks look like they have some good stuff in them.