Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farmers Market 6/26

Today we didn't need as much from the market, I was gone a few days last week, so we still have some food. But the corn looked good so we bought a few ears of that. It is bi-color. Green beans from Happy Jacks and oolala-the first Cherokee Purple tomatoes of the year! Yippee! I'm going to let them ripen a bit and I think I am going to try Diane's bruschetta pasta, basically my bruschetta topping tossed into pasta. I'm thinking whole wheat penne. Grate a little parmesan cheese-yum. Can't pass up a container of blueberries- I bought these from the people who bring pies. Potatoes from Bill- he didn't charge extra for the dirt (and there was a lot of it!), and snaps from the flower folks, 3 happy stems for a dollar. Gonna add this banana pepper to a salad I think. More grilled cabbage heading to our plates soon, too!
I saw an estate sale sign by the market so we headed down the alley to check it out. Glad I did, mostly because I discovered the neatest urban garden along the way. Didn't have my camera (note to self- ALWAYS has something to take a picture with on you) so pictures coming soon.
This is my stash from the estate sale.  Sue had a great idea about a doily table runner in last weeks Wednesday Link Love, I have some doilies but for 3/$1 I decided I probably had to have more! Thought these little jelly glasses were cute with the stars across the top (see them?) so I'll use these the next two weeks for flowers or drinking, or votive candles in red, white and blue for the 4th of July. I'm always thinking of things to use cheese cloth for so was glad to pick up a package. I have a love affair with tiny tins so these are going to live with the others, I'll post a pic soon of the collection. We use cloth napkins now and these were pretty, soft and the right price 1.50 for the bunch of them. Then, I always think I will make a brooch bouquet someday for someone. So all eyes are out looking for cute brooches for cheap. Maybe a granddaughters wedding someday. So I got these little cuties for a dollar each.  The lovely zinnias are a gift from the dental assistant, Autumn, that I worked with Friday when I filled in at another office. She brought the bouquet into my operatory for the day. I LOVE zennias and she is growing them along with sunflowers in the yard of the office complex where she works- a bed around an old stump of a tree. I got to take them home! Lucky me.


Lindalou said...

Great stuff from the Estate Sale. I think the doily table runner is a brilliant idea. Hope to see the finished product one day.

I found a ESTY site recently that turned old earrings and broaches into really cool bracelets. I've decided I need to start hunting for some.

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I'll be looking for that!! Thanks, I'm looking through my cookbook these days that I won- getting ideas for Jim!
Thanks again for it!

Yogi said...

I hate it when blogger screws up. Have to write my message again. Sheesh
Can't remember what I wrote. Lovely pics. Oh yeah good idea with the doilies for a table runner.

donna said...

Hey, remember me? I'm having the hardest time getting back into blogging.

I stopped at a couple of estate sales recently. Didn't buy anything, but had the best time looking at everything and talking to the families.

Hard to believe that it's already time for Cherokee Purple tomatoes....wasn't it just yesterday you were posting about them? Oh...that was 2009.

Hope we get to see your tiny tins
collection in a future post. Phillip and I are going to plant a tiny cactus garden in a mint tin...our version of a fairy garden.