Saturday, June 12, 2010

Final Bermuda Post

I still had a few things to share from my trip though things have been busy around here the last week.

These are some of the beautiful flowers found in Bermuda. Somehow I missed the Oleander, which is everywhere! I love morning glories and grow them here, they are growing wild here. The tree is a Norfolk Island Pine. I think the bark looks like it has pairs of eyes up and down it! The white may be a variety of frangipani, which smells wonderful! I have some pictures of our Segway tour around the Maritime museum but I can't seem to find them. But, here is one for now!  It was really easy to learn how to use the Segway and I recommend anyone to try one. It's loads of fun! My DH is behind me.
Okay , maybe it won't be the last post about Bermuda.....


Yogi said...

what an interesting way of getting around. Definitely would be for me, since walking is not easy.

Yogi said...

PS love the flower pics. I used to have an oleander - pink - eons ago, was gorgeous and bloomed all the time.