Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eventually I'll get around to art again

But, this weekend is filled with celebrations-rehearsal dinner, wedding, birthday party.....and a first soccer game. You can't pack much more fun into a weekend than this!
Richey's son Jimmy married Michelle, who he has dated for 6+ years.
Richey and Paul arrived from Georgia on Wednesday night.  They have had a time with their vehicle lately, broke down in Florida while they were on vacation, flat tire on the way here, so travel lately has not been without its challenges.  Richey's emphysema always presents a few challenges.
I took a vacation day Thursday to go for a family pedicure. Paul, Mom and I did this when Ryan married 5 years ago, this time we talked Richey into joining us. So, we filled all 4 chairs at the nail salon, chose polish colors (except Paul), and chatted away.  Ryan came by with Knoxx for a visit. I love that Paul will go for a pedicure (don't tell anyone but he got a manicure, too-the only one of us). We had dinner at Mom's, exchanged a few gifts and laughs and played with Knoxx.
Friday was a work day and then rehearsal dinner at Bravo! Yummy!  Pizza appetizers, a nice menu for dinner, salad and an Expresso Martini (if you know me, you know I am a rare drinker-but Paul's Expresso Martini smelled so good and being a coffee lover and all......). After that, I passed on dessert.
Saturday-farmers market, of course, and E's first soccer game. Sure brought back memories of Saturdays spent at soccer fields when my kids were young. He did a great job as goal keeper, but most importantly-had a really good time.
The wedding was so fun, small, outside, family and friends-sweet.  The hope and promise of new life together just makes me smile.
Fun reception with good music, food, a photo booth for funny photos, cake. We stayed almost until the very end. It was a long day for Richey, but clearly worth every challenge presented.
I enjoyed the chance to spend time with my extended family and create some wonderful memories.
The fun isn't over yet-I'm picking up E for Knoxx's first birthday party celebration in just a little bit.
The party just keeps on going...............may it always be so.
PS- here's a pic of the birthday boy- I just got home. More sweetness.....

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Yogi said...

I'd be pooped after the first day. Sheesh. Glad you had such a great time. Cute kid