Sunday, September 05, 2010

Farmers market trip

It was a perfect day at the market. About 50 degrees, sunny, breezy. So refreshing after the sweltering heat that has plagued us this summer, and no doubt will return.
We had a late start after having Jim's car towed to get a remanufactured engine installed (very sad face). We didn't need a lot. The summer is clearly winding down for the farmers, very few tomatoes, little corn, squash much less abundant.
I took advantage of the annual flowers greatly reduced in price and got this great maroon plant that looks like coleus but isn't. I put it in a cachepot on my dining room table. The cut flowers were all gone by the time we got there. I also thought this little white plant was sweet and the little violet is a house plant. All a steal at 4.00.
Four little tomatoes, 3 peaches, some Yukon Gold potatoes (tomorrow's green bean potato salad), 3 pears and some bison. Oh, and that fabulous bunch of basil!  I'd have bought it for the aromatic bouquet alone.
A hispstamatic for your viewing pleasure!
Oh, and you know fall is coming when the pumpkins and gourds show up.  How about this one that looks like a buzzard!!

We went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe for breakfast.  I was thinking that-hey, some people went out of town, it won't be so crowded-wrong! I forgot about the people that came HERE for the weekend.
But, the nice added attraction was the ugly lamp contest entries from the fair were there.
This was a favorite of mine. Can you make an ugly lamp look better with a hipstamatic?

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