Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday Market

Though overcast, a fine day for the farmers market!  I had omelet on my mind when we got there and the line was short, I should have gotten it then. Later, it was a 30-40 minute wait, but worth it. The line is friendly and I got to sign up for information on a new restaurant opening in the spring by some of our farmer friends! I'm sure I'll be telling you more about that in months to come.  You know my love affair for food!
Corn was back so I picked up a couple of ears, it has been a little starchy this year, so I'm hoping our cooler  temperatures will help that.  I picked up another selection of apples. I was on an heirloom tomato mission to make bruschetta pasta for dinner with some of the basil I still had on hand which has held up beautifully.  I love sliced peach either on top of almond butter on a waffle or english muffin for breakfast or on Kahshi Go Lean cereal. Hum, last week I added the cereal and peach to yogurt for breakfast. So, happy peaches are still around.  The radishes looked so spectacular and I always have my eye out for those cute watermelon variety which I haven't seen since last winter. The flower choices were sunflowers, hydrangea, zennia, eucalyptus, and this sweet purple flower when I got there (no tuberose) so I skipped the hydrangea and zennia and went with the rest.

The omelet was well worth the wait. Best part we got to talk to Brent, one of the chefs, who participated in the ironman at the end of August. He's been training all year.  We found his status online during the race after his swimming portion. He finished (good for him!!) in 12 hours+. He said it was very emotional. One doesn't know if one's body can do what is asked of it. I'm sure it is amazing when you ask so much and it responds. His family and friends were waiting at the end. I'm sure he was just a mess of emotion. I could sense it while he was just talking about it.
Congratulations, Brent!
stats: rank 264/243/110
                  swim-2.4 miles in the Ohio River, time: 01:27:29      
                  bike- 112 miles, time: 06:44:13     
                  run-26.2 miles, time:  04:01:04
                 total time 12:40:03 Amazing! I can't even imagine....


ScrappingDeb said...

Oh, I love this article. Makes me feel almost like I was with you - and farmer's markets and fresh foods are on the top of my favorites list. Love your blog

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Thanks for coming by!