Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farmers market 9/18

It was another really nice Saturday morning which is becoming unseasonably hot this afternoon. We headed to the market about 9 AM. Today is my nephew's wedding and E's first soccer game so there is a lot going on.
I got basil first thing. The last big bunch is mixed in with the orange butterfly flowers.  I bought it TWO weeks ago and am still using it. I grabbed another bunch that I hope will do as well. I made a tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil salad with basalmic and drizzled olive oil Thursday night to have at Mom's with Richey, Paul, Phil, Ryan and Knoxx.

I made egg muffins this week and they were so good that I am sure I'll make them again soon, so I picked up a dozen fresh eggs today.  Needed tomatoes to go with the basil. I think bruschetta pasta is in my future this week. The didn't have the apple I was looking for this week but he said they would next week. It was a red-skinned, very white fleshed apple that was yummy called Akane. Look for it. Delicious!!

I got an enormous English cucumber for cucumber sandwiches, yellow squash for grilling, another garlic, some buffalo, whole and cut up chicken, and a bunch of summer crunch lettuce to round out the purchasing for the day. Sunflowers continue to be my pick but I'm switching to that red flower that looks like a brain next week (Celosia). These purple ones are related to it believe it or not!
Looks like another week of good eating!
Oh, I just about forgot the lovely and aromatic tuberose. I got one of the last three stems. OOOLALA!
And your Hipstamatic for today-I'm continuing to love the morning glory spiraling around my wrought iron on the front porch.

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Yogi said...

what a haul. yup huge cucumber. Looks more like a zucchini though.

Nice flowers. We're at the zero mark here, so brought in my hanging plant(bright red orchid cactus)that is still flowering.