Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Ophelia Elizabeth

Hours old
Day one with Big Bro
Day two sweet brother
Can't help but post about this cute baby girl! My new granddaughter- we, of course, think she is special! Her brother is such a good big brother to her and adjusting very well I think. I had the pleasure of his company for two days and Jim had the first experience ever of taking a kid to school!!
Day 2
Big Brother today!
I have to say she looks even more like my family than E does. I think she looks like both my mother and dad's families.
She will change a lot over then next days and weeks, so we will see. While she definitely looks like E's sibling, I think she looks very different.



Lindalou said...

Congrats Grandma. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

I sure hope I get a granddaughter one of these years! How lucky you get to shop for pink dresses.

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

Oh she is a cutie, look at that sweet little face! Congrats!

donna said...

A baby lucky duck. The photos of E holding O are so heart-warming. What a great big brother he'll be to his little sister.

Next time you see Ophelia, smooch her up for me.