Sunday, October 10, 2010

Farmers Market Fare

It was a beautiful day for the market.  Our weather has been crazy dry and the morning was great but afternoon brought 90 degree temps which I am so done with.

I'd been longing for a delicious farmers market omelet and wasn't disappointed. Today's was new potato, butternut squash, kale, onion and garlic, topped with a radish garnish. I added a little pesto sauce and sweet tomato sauce. Yummy! 

My main purchase today was watermelon radishes, which I was introduced to in the winter and had been looking for ever since. I'll show you a picture when I cut one- they are a lovely red inside so look like a cut watermelon. Sweet.
I'm trying to learn to like sweet potatoes, sweet and potato don't go together in my mind.  I've decided this week I WILL make sweet potato fries.
These little cuties are my back up reward.
My apples this week are Winesap and a variety of green that I didn't see labeled but saw someone choosing after asking for a hard, juicy one.  We'll see.
Green beans, peppers (for egg muffins), and some buffalo, ground and skirt steak, were also in my bag.
I love Saturdays.


Yogi said...

looks like another great haul. I love sweet potato fries. I love them mashed with regular potatoes, I love them just on their own roasted or boiled. They have such a wonderful flavour.
We've been having fabulous weather in Calgary. I guess this would be our summer we never got.
I can tell you love Saturdays. BIG GRIN

donna said...

I luv your farmers market posts...they always make me hungry. My husband loves sweet potatoes, me not so much. The fresh apples this time of year are one of my favorite fall pleasures.