Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Farmers Market Post


Just the picture of fall


Love, warts and all.

I love these pumpkin varieties..

Brent, making my omelet.

How about this for a breakfast?
Watermelon juice, yum..

Fall Bounty!

couldn't pass these up for color alone

I'm still on my sunflower kick

homemade caramels by Anne


Don't you love this green corn?

more sweet potatoes

how about some pumpkin roulade

I totally forgot last week- had a bad cold which slowed me down this week. But, I've made up with it with lots of fabulous pictures this week. We had a fantastic morning at the market. Leisurely.  E and Mom under the weather this morning so no soccer. I love the way the green corn looks on the door.  He said it would make great corn meal. I've never ground my own so I may try it?
The caramels are yummy- I'll be buying more for the holidays. Brent gave me these out of his personal stash.  I told him we were awaiting a grandbaby so this was our treat. Sweet. The omelet was extra good today, too. I had to have a watermelon juice to go with it.
It has still been quite warm here, but not nearly enough rain. The summer crops are still around, like tomatoes, but the lack of water has made them less abundant.  It got down right hot today.
The pumpkins are fabulous!! Love the warty one. Even with the lusciousness of all the summer choices, fall is my favorite.  Enjoy!


Yogi said...

fabulous pics. Bountiful...
nice that you still have warm weather. We're starting to feel the chill here. I've never made cornmeal either, but isn't it supposed to be white??
Oh that watermelon drink looks yummy.

donna said...

Please pass the homemade caramels. I don't know green corn, but love how it looks on the red door. I'd like to try a glass of watermelon juice.

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. All better now, I hope.