Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another perfect farmers market

Lookin' good...
Needed some potatoes for that green bean potato salad. And, doesn't that broccoli look yum?

It was beautiful yesterday. I love a nip in the air to put me in the fall mood. I can't believe it is the end of October, though. The cool weather crops are doing great and the green beans are holding out which we are LOVING! Had that delicious green bean potato salad with buffalo burgers for dinner last night. And I'm already looking forward to leftovers for lunch today.

I got a winesap and, hum, forgot the name of these supposedly sweet/tart crunchy apples
The cabbage from this farmer last week was the best we had all season. More today. And bokchoy- I'm feeling some stirfry coming on. Another wedge of cumin seed gouda for snacking with the apples.

Ah, roasted fennel, can hardly wait!
A little Dixie cup arrangement- no more sunflowers :(
We left after shopping to go to Es soccer game. He played his cousins's team so that was extra fun to watch.  Then, we headed back to the market for breakfast- one of Brent's omelets, which was soooo good today. Add that to a trip to my favorite coffee shop. It was a wonderful day.
Here are some more of those great watermelon radishes.


Lindalou said...

Beautiful bounty as always. We are all done up here, so it's nice to still see it.

Ruby's Girl said...

On a very cold rainy day it is a pleasure to look at your lovely photos. A "beautiful bounty" I agree. Ours are finished here in Penticton for another year. I would love to try those radishes. Do you eat them raw or do you saute them? Look wonderful

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Thanks for reading! Judy, I saute and eat raw! I'm a radish girl.

donna said...

Have you ever been to a farmers market that wasn't a perfect famers market? I think not. lol
Your colorful posts make every trip to fm sound fabulous and you make me hungry...every time.

I don't know green bean potato salad. Had lunch out with my mother yesterday and saw deep-fried green beans on the menu with the appetizers. That was new to me, too.