Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farmers market

I caught a stupid cold somehow and it has slowed me down!  Here it is the middle of the week and I haven't even told you about Saturday's market!
Rainbow Chard- isn't it pretty?

Omelets in the making

This one is mine!

This is one of our flower growers

The bellflowers have been so pretty

I don't like the smell of lilies but they are beautiful!

 Here's my haul!  Raspberries, two more quarts of blueberries, cabbage, kale, tomatoes, broccoli, chicken, buffalo-ground and brats, beautiful gooseneck loosestrife, basil, some kinda yellow flowers and a package of cumin seed gouda from Anne- she didn't have any with her to sell me and therefore didn't need her samples either (lucky me-at least for the sample part). Now one sad thing is that Brent, my fav omelet guy is MIA. His wife owns a restaurant we frequent. I need to ask about him. She may have put him to work there in his off season- he's a middle school teacher. Hope he's doing something fun. He's the sweetest guy.


all the cumin seed gouda there was

Tomatoes and kale

Carnivore's dream!

basil- I could eat it everyday

Love these

This is at the other market. I plan to take a paper and hang out a while next week!
Kitten overseer 

Sweet, eh?

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Yogi said...

nice haul. great pics. That omelet assembly making line is interesting. She has to be on the ball watching them all. mmmm those blueberries look great, haven't had any this year yet.

We've got rain coming down in buckets today, forecast about 10+"