Sunday, June 12, 2011

And now for a little art

Tomorrow I'll post about the farmers market which was fabulous as always and a good haul of stuff!

But, today I finished up an art piece for a round robin I'm doing over the next 13 months. I love collaborative art. I met these artists at Artfest. Some are relatives of each other, some friends and some new like me. They had a journal that they did last year, each choosing their own theme. Each person got theirs returned at Artfest. Ours will not be done by next year's Artfest, but those attending will bring whatever they are working on along to share with the group.

I decided not to do a book. I wanted something that would be viewed more. So I decided to go with canvas that I'll put in embroidery hoops and hang as a group. The 13 circles vary in size from 3" - 12 "  My piece is the 12 inch one since it has the theme. I'm pretty excited about seeing what others are doing. Our first round starts now. We have each book/project one month.

Opposite wall

They will hang around this little door


Yogi said...

sounds like a nice project. Have fun with it. I'm off to day 3 with calligrapher Denis Brown. Day 1 & 2 has been fabulous so far.

Sue said...

Ohhhhhhh I love these. I've had major computer issues that have kept me from doing much blog reading. It was a sensory treat to catch up on yours!