Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Saturday!

See, Richey? I carry my recycled billboard bag!
I woke up to thunder and lightening, not a great way to start a Saturday which brings a trip to the farmers market.  But, I went downstairs, caught up on some blogs, reading and took a shower, by then-no rain! I grabbed my bags, Jim, some cash and an empty coffee mug and headed out.  First stop, Day's where I allow myself a latte a week, made by Chris. The first sip is a liquid toasted marshmallow taste that only he can make. Love, love it!
Now, on to the market. The line was so long for the atm that we decided to see if we had enough money at the market and come back if necessary. It's only a block away. I passed up the blueberries today. I still have a pint from last week. I hope they have them next week, though.
A bunch of black-eyed Susans, some yellow squash, beets for Mom, tomatoes, jumbo eggs, red potatoes and a giant cucumber for sandwiches was my haul.
Jim joined me in having an omelet this week. It was interesting to hear comments about the price. We think it is a steal at 8 bucks. Farm-fresh eggs, farm fresh produce, farm fresh cheese-cow and goat, cooked on site, served with a couple of hot sauces, sitting at a table surrounded by farmers, patrons, and a whole lot of goodness!  One man guessed they were 4 dollars when asked by his wife. He was appalled by 8 and the woman across from us said that 8 crossed her comfort boundary. She was remembering two years ago price of 7. I can't sit in any restaurant and have a lower quality, not as fresh omelet anywhere for 8 dollars. I think it's a steal especially since I hate chopping stuff.
I'll have another, please.
The goods!

aren't these eggs beautiful?

a study of reds

and now some yellows

These make me happy!


Yogi said...

those flowers make me happy too. Glad the day turned out better than it started.
Have a great day today too.

Richeys said...

Yes, your bag is very sexy!