Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And a second post today- a Birthday shout out!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Amy! The above pic shows us 32 years younger!
Amy brings a wonderful joy to my life. She's intelligent, ambitious, fun, makes fabulous felt ball mobiles, is a wonderful aunt who'd like to be even more wonderful if distance wasn't an issue, indulges all of my tourist desires in Seattle, recommends great books and movies, makes friends with purpose and ease and added Rachel to our family. I'm so glad to also call her my friend.
The world is a better place with her and I'm so lucky that I got to be her mom.
Hope you're spoiled silly today!

Her felted ball mobile for friend's baby.

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Yogi said...

I also hope she has a super terrific day. That felted mobile looks fabulous. Neat to sea a pic of you 32 years ago. Still looks like you. Isn't that an intelligent comment.