Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farmers Market and other fun

A fabulous day of markets and fun! It may have seemed more fabulous since DH had been in hospital to deal with undiagnosed crazy-high blood pressure. I think Mr. " I haven't been to a doctor in 40 years" will be going a little more regularly now. And we both are so grateful that he didn't have a stroke or heart attack. No symptoms at all, not over weight, eats a healthy diet- I just brought a blood pressure cuff home from work to check it since he wouldn't go to a doctor. I thought I'd just reassure myself that at least he had good blood pressure-NOT.

We went to our Bardstown Road market first. Oh, so happy to see Brent, our favorite omelet maker. We went to the Butterfly Garden for lunch this week, Brent's wife is the owner and we wanted to know where Brent had been this summer not to mention have a wonderful lunch there- post coming soon.
Turns out he's getting a Master's Degree in North Carolina this summer! The omelet line was long so, I just went up to chat a bit but skipped the omelet. We did our shopping, picking up blueberries, cabbage, tomatoes, flowers, kale, bison, and fennel. It was bike awareness day so we got these great stickers, bumper stickers and pins. Love that nice clean logo. They had a petition for more bike lanes, which even though I'm not a biker I'm all for- I worry about my biker daughter and DIL and all bikers that have to share narrow roads with big cars and trucks. They also had a bike with a blender connected to it that people rode to blend smoothie samples!

love these small cabbage


We passed by a yard sale on the way home and I picked up a basket-75 cents, vhs tapes for 50 cents, and this great bottle to add to my kitchen windowsill- 10 cents, and bundle of bubble mailers-$1.00. I'm loving the basket to throw things in that need to up or down the stairs.

cute shirt!

love this jacket

There was a big yard sale at St. James School just around the corner from us where I got a great yellow jacket-new with tags, a little pricey $20.00 but I'll wear it a lot, cute white and metallic sleeveless shirt-$2.00, and a wooden box of silverware-$30.00 for 88 pieces and the box, that is going to eventually be plant markers among other things whenever I get to Richey's to use her metal alphabet stamps.

yard sale silver

It was such a nice day we took our fold up chairs and hung out at the Douglass Loop market had lunch, listened to live music, did a little more shopping, June apples and squash, oh, and a red honeysuckle vine for my trellis!
Royal Queen Violet Tubeflower

Red Honeysuckle

After all that,  that we went to Churchill Downs for a few races. I find I either have it or I don't at the track and unlike Oaks Day, I didn't. So we stayed for three races and left. We have an invitation to the last day of racing this Sunday, so I'm hoping for better vibes.

A full day of fun!


Lindalou said...

All your goodies look great. I love the idea of a bike powered blender. How to have a smoothie and work it off at the same time.

Sounds like a great day.

Yogi said...

a definitely nice outing. Lots of goodies. The silver plant stakes sound great to make.