Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hummers, Market Day, Yard Sales and another craft project!

I don't know why my pictures got added in this odd way but I find it tedious to try to rearrange so sorry for the randomness of this post. Yuck. First photos are of the yard sale and estate sale, then on to the hummers and craft project. Keep going and eventually you'll see the farmers market review, if you have the patience!

Yard sale finds. The pitcher is for a friend who collects this. I'm going to break the chipped plates and resurface the interior of my birdbath with them. I collect flower frogs.

I don't know why she didn't want this.
My morning hummers


yesterday's craft project

Gotta love Saturday, and a long weekend, too!  It is blistering hot here today so we headed out early to beat the heat.
Corn was back! Lots of flowers, fewer tomatoes, and oh my-radishes again!
We got jonathan apples-Jim loves their tartness and 2nd tomatoes for today-they are 1/2 price with some flaws. I got some other tomatoes for later in the week, another tomato pie, I think. Yellow squash, too, from Charles. I have peaches from Tuesday that will hold me for a few days so none today.
Ground bison and some bison brats for the holiday weekend to be served with green bean potato salad. Yummy!
Radishes are a favorite of mine and I forgot to ask Ivor what variety these are, I think maybe French Breakfast? -they are pretty and will taste fabulous!  Eggplant this week.  I don't really love it but I'm branching out. Peeling, seeding and going from there.
More basil to add to what is still looking beautiful from last week.
Tuberose-check out my mini vase below, eucalyptus, sunflowers, and a red Big Head Celosia- can't pass up a flower with the name "Big Head"! Oh, and Cumin Seed Gouda from Kenny's Cheese!
Hope you enjoy the pics. We also stopped at a yard sale and estate sale on the way home. So much to see this week!
tomatoes and eggplant!

the beautiful radishes, I think they are French Breakfast variety

Last weeks and this weeks!

Aren't these graceful crooknecks?

Holiday food

These will be eaten together!

fragrant tuberose

The Big Head!

Dainty little bouquet 


Lindalou said...

Wow...busy week. I love your project. The stair look great.

We hit our little Market today. I got some eggs, green onions, zucchini, yellow squash and broccoli. Then we headed out to the farm at the edge of town for corn. Nothing better than Fogler's corn.

I'm interested to see how your birdcage turns out.

Great shot of the hummers.

Sue said...

Oh, lindalou....this is all in a day for super Beth! I don't know anyone who gets as much done in a day as she does!
Do you eat your radishes plain?

Yogi said...

nice project on the stairs. I saw some recently that had words/quotes on each stair head. looked fabulous. Might take you a long time to get up the stairs though. BIG GRIN.

That Big Head is pretty weird. Looks great though. The rest of the flowers still look good too.

nice plates, will look forward to the project with them.
Have a great day. It's fabulous weather here.

donna said...

I concur with Lindalou and Sue...compared to you I am one big lazy slug. You make my head spin, in a good way.

The dainty bouquet is my favorite, but 'Big Head' is pretty nice, too.

I used to collect flower frogs.

I dearly luv the hummers and your pictures are nice. Ours will only be here another two weeks. I'll miss them.