Sunday, September 11, 2011

Farmers Market and a memory

It's Saturday!



mini sweet potatoes

tomatoes and corn

Fall is in the air as evidenced by the offerings of the farmers market today. We were first greeted by pumpkins! The first of the season. Lots of fall squash are coming in and I vow to give some a try. I'm not a winter squash person as a rule, though I love pumpkin pie-my # 1 every time.
I'm going to give pumpkin growing a whirl next year choosing one super-cool small, warty variety to give space to growing out of a 5 gallon container, as suggested by Donna, blogging at Mamma Mia Days.
We chose a mix of summer and fall offerings. Lots of okra-I mentioned buying some and Jim heard "Buy some".
Apples-three varieties, Red Delicious (which I never buy at the grocery, they are some kinda mutant), Gala and tart Jonathan for Jim.
Some more of those oh, so good green beans, too. Tomatoes are thinning out but I found a handful of heirlooms. Our flower farmer offered up only a few sunflowers this week and so few tuberose that they were gone by the time we arrived at the market. So I have this nice mix this week.
Purple basil and mini sweet potatoes.
Lots of end of season yumminess.

Saw these pretty berries on the way home.  I was looking for large caps from acorn for some felting but only found really small ones. If any one has those super big ones please send them to me.  I use to find gigantic ones at my aunt's house in Russellville and at a state park.

this week's selection

berries on the walk home
relative of the big head

On a different note, I'm remembering the horror of the attacks on 9/11/01. My sweet Amy was living in DC and it was hours before I could reach her by phone-the lines were all busy. Rachel was to meet with a contact from the Pentagon for work. He died that day, I believe. I watched with disbelief at all that unfolded that day and 10 years later I have appreciated hearing the lesser known stories of those who died that day and thank their families for sharing them.
The Pentagon

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