Sunday, September 18, 2011

More round robin

My page

with the pattern open

I was behind on the flag and now ahead on the next one that isn't due to mail until the 10th but I'm going to send it along with the flag package.
Linda's journal is a nod to childhood memories and she chose a vintage scrapbook to store them.  It's super sweet.
I used my memory of Easter dresses. My mom often made them and when she didn't I had an aunt who had no daughters and loved pretty dresses who would send us dresses, often matching ones. This continued with my two younger sisters when they were born.
I loved dresses and new patent leather shoes. White gloves and little purses.
I was a fashionista even then.... :)


Yogi said...

nice - a fashionista. interesting

Linda said...

Hi Beth...I just found your blog today. I LOVE your page in my journal. We'll miss you at ArtFest!