Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday of Fun

As noted on the chalkboard I'll be missing the market next week and instead be sunning myself on the white sands of the Gulf of Mexico.  Jim will hold down the fort and scope it out I'm sure for me.
Today-not so much stuff.  Since I'll be leaving mid-week, we didn't need the usual big haul but we made a few choice selections.
Apples- a Golden Delicious, Nitany, Jonagold, a few Gala, and some Fugi. Ah, my mouth is watering just thinking of their juicy goodness.
Tomatoes-some heirloom cherry and two yellow for a delicious pasta Pomodoro that was tonight's dinner. Yum.
Some sunflowers, of course, that I hope will survive until I get back.
And that was about it.

heirloom cherry tomatoes

more tomatoes!

What else??

Beautiful apples!

I missed out on a great item at the yard sale across the street looking further before claiming it but at the time we were the only ones there, I turned around and MY swinging antique mirror dresser topper was in someone else's hand. Shoot. And it was only 5 bucks. Oh, well- moving on before I cry.
I am behind on a round robin. I wanted to use my new Inkadyes for it-it is a prayer flag. But we have been plagued by cloudy weather any time I had a free moment and so I was going to keep my flag to await sun and mail the rest on to the next player, but I didn't get to the post office and today was sunny sooooo I made my flag!

I started out by cutting a peace sign out of sticker paper colored black to block sunlight.  I painted the flag with Yellow Green and Blue Inkodyes in a sort of starburst that came out more like an "X". The dyes are semi-clear with just a hint of color. They can be thinned with clear dye or water. I used a bit of both. This is the flag painted.
subtle, huh?
I applied the peace sign on top
And headed outside to the little bit of sun remaining in my shady-in-the-afternoon backyard.

This was how it look in about 30 seconds, I was a little worried, not the colors I was looking for.
Looking better- can you tell it was sitting on an azalea?
Finis! and About to remove the sticker.
I immediately rinsed the flag and hand washed with soap and dried.
There was still a little bleed-through to the white area but overall I'm really happy.
Here is the finished flag. I used a micron pen to write the chorus of John Lennon's "Imagine" around the symbol. 
Simple but effective. I think I like it and it will send a good vibe into the universe when she flies it.

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Yogi said...

a trip to Mexico... nice.
Nice flag. I remember doing a 3D piece using the word Imagine and part of his song. The dye worked well on your piece.
Have a good tiem