Sunday, September 25, 2011


See the rainbow?
I'm at the beach, and really, is there anywhere better?  Well, not for me. Too bad today is just like yesterday-spectacular!!
I never tire of it and appreciate every wonderful moment.  I'm having fun texting E some fun pics to see if he can find the lizard, see the rainbow, count the lizards etc.
Maybe you'll enjoy some photos, too!
Hope your day is spectacular, too.
OK, I didn't really pick the farmer's cotton

Cotton-the fabric of our lives (hike, ear worm)

sea oats


how many lizards?

Love the clouds

Spectacular sunset

Can you find the lizard?


See the lizard?


Yogi said...

how I wish I was there. Sigh!!!
Beautiful pics.
I only found 1 lizard in the fence pic. cute little bugger
Have a nice time which I know you are.

Lindalou said...

Great photos. It looks lovely.

From those of us...NOT at a beach.