Wednesday, July 01, 2009

In my work world

(I post this with written permission from the parent of those pictured here, she took the photos.)This is two year old, "V" and her brother, oh, and yes, I do see stuffed animals, too. I came to know their mother when she filled in for the dentist I work for during her maternity leave. She is artistic, witty and fun. "V" has been quite ill and has hopefully finished all of the treatment she will need. She came in for her first visit recently. Her wispy hair was a stark reminder of illness in an otherwise normal two year old girl. I love that she was wearing a crocheted cape that had been her mom's when she was little, sort of like being wrapped up in love from many years ago.
It is relationships like this that make me love my work. I have patients I've seen for 30 years, in some cases 4 generations of a family. I consider myself so lucky to care for and be a part of so many wonderful people's lives. I look around my house and see tea towels that Anna brings for each holiday during the year. I have ones for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I get them out over and over again and think of her. She also feeds my doughnut craving when she comes in and occasionally, "just because". I have a beautiful quilt, a wall hanging, skirt and a few appliqued t-shirts made by Jude, and quirky glass plates that have faces made by her older sister, Naomi. I've known them since Jude was 2. They are the third generation of their family that I have seen on both their mother and father's side. Each are expecting babies this year.
I'm lucky to have meaningful work, and even though there are days I've hardly gotten through for one reason or another, I count myself lucky to have rarely not wanted to go and do what I do. I've often been sad for folks I know for whom work is "work" and retirement the only benefit.
Lucky me.

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donna said...

This has got to be one of your best posts. I enjoyed it immensely. A person can't write better stories than the ones that play out in our every day lives. I'm also thinking that I should be nicer to everyone who works in my dentist's office. Never know when I might show up on their blogs! Again, very nice post.