Sunday, May 09, 2010

And Saturday it is!

Today we didn't need a lot at the market but I did get a cut-up chicken, this great yellow-pear tomato plant and the red spinach that I've been wanting for two weeks- I can taste the salad already! There were lots of people at the market AND omelets will be back in two weeks. Perfect timing for us. We won't be at the market for two weeks so we can celebrate the first June market day with a farm fresh omelet.
Ah, the good things to come.


Yogi said...

never heard of a yellow pear tomato plant. Sounds interesting. Another nice day.
It seems like spring will finally be arriving in Calgary later this week. Temps going up to close to 20c

donna said...

Yellow-pear tomato is new to me, too. But then....almost everything in a vegetable garden is new to me. Now omelets...that I'm familiar with.