Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday at the market

Taking a moment out of reliving the Bermuda trip to give you a market report. It is hot and sweltering here, not my kind of weather. A woman at Paul's Fruit Market said it too, " I like summer for the flowers, otherwise not my favorite season." -#4 on my season hit parade.
The best thing about the market, besides being back after missing two Saturdays, is OMELETS! Oh, my! I have missed them. Brent, the middle school teacher and generally all-around friendly guy, is back whipping up some fantastic omelets. Today's was chard, onion, goat and cheddar cheese, catfish (omit that from mine, please), with a choice of habanero, asparagus or dill pesto sauces served on top of Blue Dog Bakery bread.
Purchased today were: strawberries (picked at 7:30 AM and just delivered by wife of farmer), radishes, cilantro, eggs, brats, ground buffalo, and chicken breasts. The pansies were cut from my window boxes which I switched to summer flowers yesterday (well, at least the first floor-tonight, the second floor).
This years boxes have, Lilac and Violet Dazzler impatiens, Prelude White begonias, Rhea salvia, Merlin's Magic coleus, Silver Falls dichondra (instead of Goldilocks, which wasn't available -my sister rooted me a little which I am nurturing), and Gemini Cherry Red impatiens walleriana. We'll see how they do.
While trimming back nandina, I added these white berries to a vase for the dining room. Guess, we might as well take a backyard tour while we are at it. I hauled this heavy concrete urn from Georgia. I haven't planted the urn on the ground yet, probably will get impatiens from another flat I bought yesterday. I have some volunteer morning glory to which I'll add some more seed. Pots of lettuce, thyme, rosemary and thai basil,  and one of my beautiful oak leaf hydrangea that's hanging over the deck.


Prem said...
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Yogi said...

nice haul from the market. Well maybe you should come to Alberta and I should come to your place (I love warm weather and summers the best). We've been having snow, rain and chilly weather. I sure hope the plants I planted a couple weeks ago will survive.