Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Derby Day, kinda after the fact

We had a very laid back day. It was pouring in Louisville so that always encourages "laid back". First stop-Day's for coffee. Yes, Mr. I Don't Drink Coffee, is still drinking coffee on the weekends. We went to the farmers market to A. support the farmers who braved the rain, B. because we were out of chicken and buffalo (still out of that-she was not there) and C. because that is what we do on Saturday morning, Derby or not.
I cooked this yummy breakfast, which I do on Saturday about um, once a year. Biscuits (not homemade), country ham, strawberries, and eggs with a little basil from the garden. We settled in with the paper and the TV. One thing great about living in Louisville on Derby Day is the fact that you get to watch the entire day's racing card on TV!
I've also been working frantically on a secret project for a friend which I'll tell you about next week.
Food, races, newspaper and some crafting (OK, a LOT of crafting).
Nice day, and who can't love Calvin Borel, finally a win for Pletcher, and the Dream Bet winner? I had Icebox to win. Second is not too shabby.


Yogi said...

t is so sad. BUt at least you got to have it for a little while. Will bring back good memories.

donna said...

I look forward to days when it rains all day long...feels like I have permission to do whatever I wish instead of checking things off of my never-ending list.

I never include food photos or blog about food -- I need to to that. I've always been interested in what people eat, whether it's in a restaurant or at home.

Beth, I'm so sorry to be slow in getting to your posts. So much caregiving going on with my folks.