Sunday, May 02, 2010

Kentucky Oaks Day

I went to the Oaks Friday along with 118, 000 others. I have to talk myself into these big events anymore. I used to be quite social and as I get older, I enjoy just being home and even the pleasure of my own company.
I decided at the last minute, grabbed a pink skirt, sweater, a tank top ($1.00 for cancer research for each person wearing pink) pair of flip flops (mistake later) grabbed a couple of snacks and a chair-in-a-bag and was off the catch the bus. I drove to my office and parked there to keep the driveway clear for Jim's return home from work.
Dave and Karen have gone every year except 1994 since they moved here in 1994. They go early and get a place in the infield along the fence on the back stretch. The nice thing is that you can actually see the horses, unlike the majority of the infield crowd, who by the way, may not care if they see a horse but are there for other reasons.
I found my way there at the start of race 3. It was hot and sunny, which was wearing after a while, but certainly beat the all-day rain of Derby day.
I even got a couple of pictures of horses through the chain link fence! Wish I had thought to take a picture of our little group.
I cashed one show ticket for a whopping 2.20 (a 4.80 deficit on my 6.00 bet on that race). The day nice, company good, excitement in the air. All in all- a winner.

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Lindalou said...

I understand what you mean about crowds. I prefer just being home as well.

You have such a huge event in your backyard. It does seem to signify the start of everything summer.