Saturday, May 01, 2010

Derby Prep

Sweet E was here Tuesday for a while.  Wednesday is  boat race day in Louisville and the preschool kids were to make or bring a boat. So we made a boat with a sponge, straw and some construction paper. I think he was pretty pleased.
Since we weren't together for the balloon race, I thought I would do some balloon fun. We stopped and each got a helium balloon and sat on the floor, released it at the same time to see who's balloon would touch the ceiling first. His idea!  Mine was to blow up balloons and attach a clothes pin ( I had to explain what a clothes pin was) and see when tossed, who's would get closest to a construction paper X on the rug. He decided to toss from the stairs.  I also decided to let him decorate a t-shirt for derby. He chose paint colors for hand prints and I used my fingers to make the baskets. I drew the people to his specifications- hard to draw on the t-shirt- he wanted them to have "spiky" hair. His mother called me Wednesday to tell me he wore the shirt to school and was so proud of it! So much fun.

We stopped in Plehns for a Derby horse cookie. He chose red reigns and I chose green. Gosh,  I love their iced sugar cookies. I may have to go get one today, too!

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