Friday, May 28, 2010

Bermuda, the adventure continues

Our first day was spent on St. George's Island. We did a little wandering around this older British part of Bermuda. Love this old bike outside the bike shop.  The town is hilly and reminded me on a smaller scale of Tallinn. We found a local sailboat captain taking a group out in the afternoon for a sail. It was the highlight of the day. Two hours sailing around the island, getting wet from the waves, and getting a nice history lesson along the way.  Jerry lives on his boat and is a great tour guide. If you go, ask for him, very reasonable and so fun.
We also visited the Unfinished Church, old with a great view. I love the picture with Joan, Mike and Jim because the house in the background is the exact color of the water. Incredible.

We also visited St. Peter's Church. You can see the cisterns used for water collection in one photo. The older ones are above ground, newer-below. The old cemetery behind it very interesting, too. The photo taken inside is at the Bermuda Perfumery, located in one of the larger old homes owned by the Preservation Society. We took a tour, samples all of the fragrances. I ended getting a wonderful bar of Lily soap there. 

The lovely little white house was located right beside the Unfinished Church. I thought it was so quaint and lovely. A woman came out while we were there and she was the first mate on our sailing tour! Lucky her!

Loved this picture of school children, in their bermuda shorts, playing at the park where we had a snack while waiting for the last ferry.  We waved to Captain Jerry, who's boat is docked just on the other side of the water about mid-photo.

More to come........


Yogi said...

Wow sounds like you're having a fabulous trip. Love allthe pics. Never been down there. Love that bike too.

Sue said...

Just beautiful! Such soothing colors and landscapes!