Saturday, May 29, 2010

The adventure continues

Forgot to include the sailing photos! Capt. Jerry is hoisting the sail.  Moongates are several places around Bermuda, symbolizing peace, happiness and unity, they are popular in gardens and often used for wedding ceremonies. The thought is that if a couple passes through hand in hand and makes a wish, they will have everlasting happiness and good fortune. I figured kissing might be even luckier.
Day 2 we took the ferry to Rockaway to find the Somerset Bridge, the world's smallest drawbridge. At 22 inches wide it is only big enough when raised to allow the mast of a sailboat to pass through. It was built in 1620.  It was about a 2 mile walk from the ferry on a treacherous stretch of narrow road. Joan and Mike rented bikes for the day. I had gotten a bad cold and wasn't up to biking all day through hilly Bermuda, but the hot walk may have been as demanding. We passed a Hog Bay Park on the way and stopped by on our return trip to the ferry. So glad we did as it offered a completely deserted beach and a spectacular view. Wish we'd stopped sooner to enjoy it longer. When the tide is out, the beach is visible. It is home to several sea urchins. I found this shell at low tide in a water hole.  It didn't make it home with me, too fragile.

The bird above in the middle picture is a Bermuda longtail. They are pretty spectacular.  This was the only photo I could get.

Couldn't figure out what this was. Fossil?
More soon!


Yogi said...

nice shots of water, birds (even if I can't really see what kind of bird it is), arches (never heard of Moongates, nice), that bridge is so small. Have you ever eaten sea urchins? Don't know what that fossil like thing is either. Wonders of nature.

ArtCricket2 said...

Never ate a sea urchin, you?

donna said...

Kissing is good whether it's under the moongate or under the apple tree in the backyard. Fun photos. You'll remember this trip for a good long while.