Saturday, October 01, 2011

Super Saturday

Fall is here! I needed a sweatshirt for the market today and would have loved it if I had brought my stretch gloves, too.
I must have been hungry as I have a big bunch of goodness from the market today.
Clearly the carnivores are present in this house and we have a bunch of chicken and bison. Yum!  I can smell the chili Chef Jim is cooking right now with said bison.
I'm guess this is it for tomatoes.  We have a frost warning so I'm not holding out much hope for next week. So, a celebratory bruschetta will be had this week with the last of these Cherokee Purples.

Cherokee Purples

Eggplant Parm to come

apples, sweet potatoes, radishes

oh, cumin seed gouda!

Bouquet, partly edible!

Apples were in abundance and I chose a selection of Fuji, Stayman Winesap, Granny Smith, and 1 Corland which I wanted to try. They are a little softer and I don't like a mushy apple.
See the eggplant?  Jim made a fabulous eggplant parm a few weeks ago and I'm hoping for a repeat performance this week.
These red potatoes looked great and I figure green beans aren't on the horizon for long either.
A great thing about fall is the return of radishes!  I picked a bunch of red and white for this week.
Boo Hoo- not a single sunflower this week. It was chilly and they love sun-imagine that!  So, three Big Heads and some butterfly something came home with me along with a bunch of basil (bruschetta). They are all happy in the same vase.
We put the top down on Jim's car and headed to the other market after depositing these goodies at home.
I needed to get something to make for my DIL for her birthday. Pics to come in October.
Then off to the St. James Court Art Show. This is the 55th anniversary.  My mom had a booth there when the show was much smaller and "craftier". She made painted wooded keychains back in the 70's. There were a lot of Canadian artists this year and one was probably my favorite overall, Marjolyn van der Hart, who's style is one I'm working similarly to in some things I'm doing. It was oddly familiar as it is what I've been thinking of doing with the Poloroid technique I learned and want to incorporate into collage. Sort of disappointed that someone is already doing something like it. But, art is always different with a different hand.
I also love these cute characters and might need to make some of my family!

And lest you think all of last week was decadent fun- here is documentation of my dining room chair covers!
hard at work


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Yogi said...

chair looks good. Food sounds yummy. Will look up that artist you mentioned. Love the colors of your food haul and flowers. I better bring in my flowering cactus today. It's so beautifully in bloom I hate bringing it in and not having it out there to greet me. It bloomed late this year.