Sunday, October 23, 2011

The day started out well enough

But then it became heartbreaking .
I did go to the market and it was lovely. I promise some pictures of fabulous food soon.
But, the heartbreak is on my mind.
Oh, my.
I was reminded-most tragically-of a fire in my family's home when I was 7 years old. Nothing smells like a house fire.
My DIL was going to try to meet us at the market this week. I was disappointed that she didn't but I know how things go with little ones and if they sleep in- ah....
I check my phone and looked at Facebook while there. After taking my farm photos I checked Facebook and saw a message from her.
Their home burned beyond salvation this early morning. No car key, no phone, but gratefully their lives, with just minutes to spare. All that matters in the big scheme of things. We get reminded of that when stripped bare, you know. Her older son who had been living in the upstairs above the kitchen had moved out just recently to live with his brother. Thankfully. The firemen said no one on the second floor would have survived.
I don't remember the flames, but my sweet E does. He saw his kitchen engulfed just 12 feet from his bedroom and all of his toys charred and in a pile in the back yard with the rest of the smoky, soggy remains when he returned to see the house. He asked to. His short life has been filled with some uncertainties and disappointments that 6 year olds shouldn't have to shoulder the burden of and now this. The place of comfort and rest, the security he will rarely turn loose of to even stay at Jams' house, gone.
I cannot do enough, no trips to Goodwill to find clothing, Target for containers to keep new belongings, laundering and folding. There is not enough busyness to take away the sadness of this. Nothing but gratitude for the lives that remain and hope for the future will put the heartbreak at bay.


Ruby's Girl said...

Oh Beth I am so sorry for your family but thankful that they were able to get out of the house safely. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time. I wish I could help.

Yogi said...

yup heartbreaking.

and I know the smell. An apartment above ours burned. We were all on the street watching.

My heart goes out to you and yours

donna said...

Beth, Sue told me about the fire. After I knew they were all safe all I could think about was E and how his heart must be broken and how confused and frightened he must feel. The experience will mature him beyond his six years.I imagine little O will go on a little easier because of her age. Does E know that when you were 7 that your house had a fire? That might help for him to see that everything can be okay again.

Those children have you and that will help make all the difference in the world for them.

We just never know what's in store for us, do we? Life scares me some times.

Love and hugs and positive thoughts and prayers for all of you.