Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holy Cow!

Another beautiful Saturday!  Really, this time of year reminds me why I love living here. Splendor, pure splendor.
Beautiful sky and the moon was still hanging around, too.

I went really not thinking that we'd buy much.  I had a group on for a market box that will be home delivered this Wednesday. I knew it would have fruits and veggies so really didn't need too much but, flowers-beautiful and pumpkins! I fell in love with the one I got which is supposed to be very delicious. So, a week or two of admiration and then into the oven! It weighed in at a whopping 19+ pounds. So this week's haul was over 38 pounds. We walked 1/2-3/4 of a mile home.

I wasn't going to get fruit because 6 pears and 3 apples are coming Wednesday. But, I wanted a few apples for the meantime and Jim likes sour and I like hard and crunchy sweet ones.

We bought a whole chicken, cut-up whole chicken, two pounds of ground bison, apples, a nice small ivy house plant, two mini mums, one for my neighbor Judy, and one for my Mom.
I got Punkin' Sticks ( the little eggplant pumpkins from last week but still on the stick), little sunflowers, and tuberose- can you smell it? So sweet!  There were bunches of them.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from the market and the super heavy haul for this week. I know we will!
Amy, the vegetarian will be in residence for 10 days so I know all will be eaten. 
I'll give you a review of the box that comes mid-week, too!
mine is 2nd up from bottom left

pretty, huh?

gourds and zinnia

parsley and radishes

my omelet!!


Punkin' Sticks


This week's haul! Can you believe it?  It took some effort on both our parts to get this stuff walked home.
my flowers

more flowers




Ruby's Girl said...

always love your market photos! I hope that you use these lovely photos in a journal or make cards with them . I love that photo of the pumpkin! Imagine it altered and on a page , it would be so wonderful. Where is my camera now???? ; )

Lindalou said...

Wow that is a lovely haul. Who carried the pumpkin? Or did you take turns?

Please share what you end up doing with the pumpkin.

Yogi said...

sheesh that a heavy haul...
Those pumpkins on a stick are so cute. All the pics are glorious. What a gorgeous day.
We've been lucky up here too. It's still fabulous weather.

Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Lindalou-I started out carrying the apples, pumpkin, and flowers-Jim the meats and mums. 1/2 way home we each took a handle of the bag and shared the weight. We were both glad when home was in sight!
I will probably make curried pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread and muffins.