Monday, October 24, 2011

Farmers Market

You can see things are winding down. But, we are still enjoying the market and there is a little burst of fall produce now, more greens and root vegetables-fewer tomatoes.
 I had a free latte at Days, which means at some point I had 10! Sheesh. So I chose to try the pumpkin latte complete with pumpkin with a heart inside design. So talented!

Then we walked to market!

So great just to be there and look at all the lusciousness!

Small but colorful bounty this week!
Okra- two mixed varieties

Big Bubba who was dinner last night!

Isn't this beautiful?

These gourds were 3/$1

I love that Charles's truck is filled with pumpkins!

more sweet potatoes and another Delicata squash

I don't know the variety, but I bought it for its purple stripes


Yogi said...

such glorious pictures and colors.

donna said...

This colorufl post reminded me of why I luv fall.