Saturday, October 08, 2011

Super Duper Saturday!

Another beautiful day here! Really too hot for me but since poor Amy is in cool, most often rainy Seattle I won't harp on it.
First stop was Day's for coffee and then off to market #1-Bardstown Road.  I didn't need a lot of basics today so I went wild with squash and pumpkin. Charles Hambley told me which were good prepared this way and that so 5 varieties came home with me. Talk about heavy! I added a summer squash to the mix, too. We still had apples and tomatoes, cheese, too and our chicken guy wasn't there. Green pepper and some cute little pumpkin shaped eggplants, flowers and skirt steak rounded out the selections. I carried my bag I got from my sister, Richey.
I love pumpkin to look at and eat!
The big on will be partly sautéed and baked for stir fry and curried soup

Summer squash for the grill tomorrow and peppers for the stir fry night

Aren't these little guys cute? Would you have guessed they were eggplant?

Spaghetti squash for stir fry, also!

I knew you wanted a close up of this beauty!

Mini sunflowers! I love them! 
After the market, we walked back home, took the photos, refilled coffee mugs and walked back to the Douglass Loop Farmers Market. Oh, pic! Rats. I bought bread there-honey wheat which was delicious!
I had a sample. Across the street, there was the Belknap Fair with arts and crafts, food, and bluegrass music on a small stage. Jim had gumbo and I had a slice of garlic butter, sun dried tomato, pizza.
 I bought a cute ring from Emily, who is wife to Brent, our omelet chef. Darn another missed photo op. She make rings with vintage buttons.


my omelet
Tonight we are going out to dinner with friends to Harvest- we are becoming regulars there. Our reservation is later than we wanted but we are promised a window seat! More food photos to come I'm sure!

Back with the heavy haul


Yogi said...

nice haul. Those red things are really eggplant. Amazing, never heard or seen them. Saved some of your pics for a "one day" paint session... That's a really nice ring.
Have a great weekend

Amy Knopf said...

Ooh, let's make a reservation for Harvest for window seat, on Friday 10/29, maybe?