Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mid-week market, can you stand it?

My cider being made
More cider making video

I was out of my favorite granola so I made a stop at the Phoenix Hill Farmers Market today!  Some of the folks I go to church with are farmers who sell there.  They are planning an apple cider making event that I will miss due to Miss O's 1st birthday celebration so imagine my delight when they were at the market making cider today!
So, I'm stocked up on granola-three of my favorites and one for Amy without blueberries, got a third of a gallon of just squeezed today apple cider, a dozen eggs (aren't they pretty?) and some kale.
lots of egg varieties!

Leaping Lemon, Acai Berry and Cape Cod granola


Yogi said...

interesting. I thought cider was af ermented juice. This looks like pressing the apples to extract it.

I love making fresh apple juice with my juicer.

donna said...

The eggs are bootiful, just like you.

I'm surprised that you're in town long enough to visit the Farmers Market...you're always on the go and having fun.

Nice to visit your blog again.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

Right you are, Yogi! It is apple juice!