Thursday, July 05, 2012


I decided to have a separate blog for a new endeavor. I didn't really even want it connected to the rest of my google stuff so I set up a new account. I'm crazy, I know. Google doesn't make it easy.  I just wish I could be a little more anonymous.
Anyway, I made fun, free packets of love to spread around places I go. I'm a big fan of Kind Over Matter and got the idea there. I've had the week off and it seemed a good time to do something for others.
You can read about it and see pictures on 2sharethelove. I made the heart brooches with wooden hearts covered with sticker paper on which I printed a fabric pattern I painted in a class, added pin back with hot glue and edge with gold pen. I included foam heart stickers, printed out some free printables from Kind Over Matter and put one large and one small in the zip bag. I printed out the Free, really 4u, on vellum and cut up, and I created qr codes with this free program. I created one that links to the other blog- you can scan this and get there on your phone with scanlife, a free program.

 and one that just said "I don't even know you but I hope this was a fun part of your day"

It was a super fun project and just made my day! I'll pass out some more later today or tomorrow.

What are you doing to share the love?


Ruby's Girl said...

good for you !! Judy

Yogi said...

Interesting. all the best with your new endeavors and blog etc.
Have a great day

Lindalou said...

I love this idea. How fun it would be to find one of these around. It will interesting to see what feedback you get on this.