Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farm Fresh

I was on my own this week at the market. Chef Jim had plans for golf and R and R with some friends at a lake. I didn't really keep that in mind when choosing how much food to buy! So it was a long, heavy walk home!  But, I had a nice visit with my farmer friends and a yummy omelet to inspire me.

 It was a little bright in the kitchen for the photo shoot.
 I bought these great potatoes at 1.50/ pound
 How about these really cute yellow squash? I bought them for the cuteness alone. They fit in the palm of your hand
 These are a summer squash, the name of which I forgot, but they are not like zucchini but a buttery summer squash, Nick said.
 I had fun with Ann today and helped her sell some cheese and was rewarded with a surprise cumin seed gouda slipped into my bag when I wasn't looking! Thanks, Ann!  I bought some smoked gouda which in now tied with cumin seed for favorite Kenny's Cheese.
 Petite oriental eggplant
 onion, no surprises here!
 Had a sample of this bread with Ann's cheese- had to buy a loaf- it was so good. I'll have some toasted tomorrow.
 These were #2 tomatoes that I will have pretty quickly. But, they looked pretty good to me- half price at 1.20/lb
And, forgot to get a close up of the dozen ears of corn!
 Sweet William was a sweet deal today at 3/$1.00, add a little basil and voila-bouquet!
 My other flower purchase instead of sunflowers this week.
A little blackboard art for ya
 Here's my sweet William and Miss O
And Master E, another sweet William,
enjoying a little pool time at their next door neighbor's house.
Looks inviting, huh?
I'll leave you with a photo of my last daylily,

And the edge of last night's storm,
And a remembrance of my sweet sister, Cindy, who died too soon four years ago. Her daughter posted this young photo of her on Facebook.
Life goes on... Cindy's sweet grandchild, Addy, who was born this year at 24 weeks gestation weighing 1 lb 8 oz, came home this week from the hospital.


Yogi said...

another nice haul. What a nice surprise in your bag, would make me grin... Love those yellow/orange flowers.
Water looks so inviting.
Have a great day

Amy said...

What a sweet post, mom. :) Loved it. So jealous of your summery farmer's market haul. we are still wishing for tomatoes over here! Love you! Call you later!

Lindalou said...

I love your weekly trips to the market. Yours is so mush bigger than ours, but I'm hopeful it will continue to grow.

So sad about your sister, but how joyous that her grand-daughter got to come home. So miraculous.