Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's still hot!

But we went to the market anyway and the bonus was that Brian was playing!


 The hot haul

 I'm surprised the farmers can grow anything in this heat with no rain to speak of for weeks!

 love these purple potatoes and heirloom tomatoes
oh, I made a rhyme!

 This is super yummy from Beth, my granola person

 The peaches have been so good- I have one or two every day!

 Yes, more blueberries- they can't be around much longer

 Tomato beauty

No sunflowers today so I went with the black-eyed susans, buy a bunch-get a bunch 50% off- the deal of the day!
Tonight was BLT night with that beautiful tomato!
Hope it is cooler where you are.

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Lindalou said...

Oh, those tomatoes look wonderful. I need one for tonight. Ha ha. Grilling some burgers and I'm out of tomatoes. Still waiting for my crop to come in. I've had three so far, but they are all gone.