Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maybe it is easier to do this more often

So many things happening!

I went to Berea for the Learnshops last Saturday and Tuesday. I'm also heading there Sunday for yet another art class.  Guess I like learning :)

Saturday Jim and I both took classes: mine was a copper earring workshop, his a wood cutting board workshop-power tools, you know.

There were 4 people in both workshops, which was a nice environment. They were held in the artisans' regular workshop which was super cool. You got to see more of what they do there.
Mine was held at Gastineau Studio.
 My workshop leader
 Tools of the trade- love these metal stamps. Some are hand wrought.
There were ink pads to try out stamps and designs

We each took a flat piece of metal, shape of our choice. He was kind enough to cut out just about anything you wanted.  I wanted square and  sort of triangular.

 We each had a hammer, ball peen hammer, thick metal to stamp on top of, pencil, sharpie marker, safety glasses, I brought an apron. So we tried out the stamps until we had an idea of what we wanted to do. Then he demonstrated how to hit the stamp on the metal with the hammer to make a mark. It is harder than you might think, gotta give it a pretty good whack straight down on top of the stamp or it will slip (ask me how I know-ha!)

 Stamped copper-used a Sharpie to draw some lines to guide my straight stamp to make an edge
Once the metal is stamped, any holes you want for ear wires on baubles are drilled with a drill press ( no, I didn't do that part) then the metal is given a very slight bend to be more pleasing than a totally flat piece.
 Painting the metal with oxidizer to give it some dimension

 The last part  is polishing before assembly. A lathe was used first. I'm accustomed to using a lathe and rag wheel, so he let me do my own polishing. Then we polished with a jewelry cloth.
Assembly is next. This is a very cool machine that attaches the ring for beads and ear wires . So simple- no pliers!! There is a well of rings that slide down the silver tube in the middle of the photo from the green part to the silver part. A ring comes up from underneath and a foot pedal closes the ring connecting the two desired parts. Wow!  I'd really like to have one of these at home!
 The posts are soldered with the machine below.

These are my finished earrings!  I was pretty happy and thought it was nice we got to make 2 pair.

Here's Chef Jim's new cutting boards!

Aren't they beautiful? I think he did a fantastic job!
After class we went to eat at the Main Street Cafe and I left a RAK on the table.
One of my little love packs I made a couple of weeks ago.

The flowers and planters are spectacular in Berea. I wish mine looked so good. I have planter envy.

 Isn't this a sweet plant?  Kind of a shrub
 And these window boxes! Oh, my how I wish the one below was below my front windows on the house. Spectacular!
Can you believe these window boxes?

I got these adorable baby rattles made from scrap pieces of hand made dulcimers. They are totally safe to chew and make a nice sound. I'm sure some lucky babies will come my way.

We went to an art fair after class, can't have too much art, you know.
 Beautiful naturally dyed fibers
 Potter at work
 Nice pottery beads
 This was the best fried cherry pie of my entire life!
Folk dancers!

As an added treat this week, I woke up Monday to a treat hung over the fence by my neighbor, Judy, tomatoes and banana peppers!
I made a sign to hang back over.

The peaches were a gift from Lacey at work Monday.

If you're hanging in there I'll add the Tuesday class photos. Beginning Watercolor!
 Traced the irises onto the watercolor paper with graphite paper
 Practice sheet
 Lunch break hanging to dry- did background wash and left negative space
 Added the leaves
 Closer look
 Dropped in the lightest blue color
 Class room and teacher
 Added the darker blue
 My finished piece on the right and my next door partners on the left
 Show and tell
I still need to understand depth a little more and work a little more loosely. But I learned some great tips. I loved tracing the outline and working with that. I don't have good drawing skills. This method would let me paint more things, like my house, from a picture. That is my next project.
Also wetting the paper and letting the nap pop up, using a puddle of paint on top of that then letting it completely dry before adding more color. Then rewetting what was painted and putting the next darker color on. Repeat, repeat.  It was an eye opener.  Also, not overworking and smoothing out hard lines.
Really nice class. Inspired me to do more water color .

Coming attractions?
Sunday a metal bracelet class!

Let's not talk about having to use the fire extinguisher in the kitchen this week and the bent frame on my car.
Enjoy the art!

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Yogi said...

oh wow, oh wow. Love the earrings. you did a great job on them. Love those tool gadgets, I want to steal them. Your Iris painting is wonderful. Sounds like you're having a fabulous summer. all those plants, I'm envious too, they're gorgeous.
Have another great day