Saturday, July 21, 2012

Farmers Market Day!

It was blessedly a bit cooler today for the markets. We headed out to do some serious shopping.
We really want chicken and were so sad to hear that Matt, our chicken guy, will not be back at the market.  He and his wife are, sadly, divorcing. He did the farm out of love for her and is not farming anymore. I miss him.

 Here's haul #1- yes, we went to two markets today!

 Peaches have been so good! I'm going to make a peach and tomato salad
with these and another gift of tomatoes from my sweet neighbor, Judy.  We had tomato bread salad for dinner last night with the earlier ones. So delicious for a summer supper.
Now for some close-ups!

 I love, love this granola from Beth

 Garlic for some pickles I may make?
I've never made refrigerator pickles- you? Favorite recipe?

 In the meantime I'll enjoy these which are so yummy on a brat. This is our 2nd jar this summer.

 Future pickles?
 To go with the pickles 

 Blackberries for Chef Jim's Shredded Wheat

 The making of an omelet at the market- we are missing Brent this summer. He is in Vermont working on his Masters Degree.

On to market #2 in search of chicken-which we found!
 Along with corn, baby cabbage and okra

 Hope the corn is good- I might try a corn blueberry salad recommended by Sue.
love this tiny cabbages- just right for each of us to have one
Jim has a great recipe for Limping Susan 

Hope this chicken will be as good as Matt's and wishing him well along with Abe his precious son adopted from Ethiopia about 3 years ago. I didn't know his wife.

We had some crazy weather and even crazier skies around here Friday. I'll leave you with some photos which don't do the weirdness justice. It was just a strange shade of yellow around here.
Tomorrow-Metal Bracelet class!!
 IT started like this
 With the opposite direction like this
 by the time we got home from dinner it was like this

Crazy, huh?

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Yogi said...

those sky pics are amazing.
Great hauls at both markets. Sorry about your chicken guy. Hate it when good habits have to change. Those flowers - beautiful.
Have a great day.
I'm off to demo some calligraphy at our Salsa Festival.